Comfort Food

sexy AsianThe door chime tinkled warmly as Dan entered the parlor of his favorite restaurant at exactly 9:45pm. Not enough time to order before closing, but just enough to grab takeout. Months of patronage had told him that this was the best Asian food in town: a mix of Thai and Malaysian specialties that were guaranteed to have you licking the savory juices from your fingers. Once a week he allowed himself to splurge and his Thursday night routine had become a bit of a ritual: a few minutes of flirting with Soo, the sexy Asian night shift girl and then straight home for some well-deserved relaxation with a cold beer and a hot plate. Soo’s playful personality and boundless optimism always had a way of unwinding him after a long day, and he looked forward to their brief but intimate conversations.

Soo proudly described herself as a Pacific mutt: mostly Malay, spiced with a dash of Filipino for flavor. The unique combination gave her a gorgeous skin tone the color of hot cocoa with cream. Dan had guessed they were about the same age, and from his gentle probing he knew she wasn’t in a serious relationship with anyone. For whatever reason he’d just never quite found the balls to make a move on her. But she’d certainly fed his fantasies as well as his stomach. Several lonely nights had ended with him laying in the dark, stroking himself to the thought of Soo squatting over him, grinding her cozy box into his lap.

His dick lurched at the memory as he approached the counter. Soo looked a bit more worn out than usual but greeted him with her usual wink and smile. Her full lips were a glossy violet today, Dan noticed, and she had a new boycut hairstyle that he thought looked incredibly cute. She wore a sleeveless black t-shirt with “Glam Rock” printed on the front, and the slender fit hugged her curvy, small-breasted frame. Soo was what Dan would call a fashion eccentric, gravitating to outfits that sometimes paired frilly ballerina skirts with high top sneakers. Fortunately for him, that usually allowed a stolen glance or two at her thick, sun-kissed legs. She also had what women’s magazines labeled a spoon body type: slender up top and plump down bottom with a nice narrow waist in between. Dan visualized the swell of her firm brown thighs and strong calves hidden behind the counter and felt another twitch in his crotch that he tried to ignore. Instead, he grinned back at her, and suggested they both looked like they could use a vacation.

Soo sighed deeply, her shoulders visibly sagging. Over the next several minutes she unburdened her hellish day to him in detail, acting out the parts of each nightmare customer, including a bout of sexual harassment from a couple of sleazebags. The torment had ended just before Dan had shown up, when she’d been chewed out by a customer for not having a gluten-free option on the menu. Dan listened attentively, knowing that she needed a friendly ear more than she needed cheering up. Afterwards she was very near tears and seemed even more exhausted than before.

Reading the moment, Dan took a chance. He reached over the counter and gave her a big bear hug that brought her to her tiptoes. They’d never so much as touched before, but there he was, cradling her in his arms. He tried to erase her bad day with that hug, pouring all his closeted feelings for her into the firm embrace. He felt her break down and shudder against him, her silent tears spotting his shoulder. The air was suddenly heavy with her scent, and Dan drank it in: an emulsion of fruity perfume and the heady smell of her warm body. In reply, his Johnson bucked inside his cotton boxers. Dan groaned inwardly, his feral desire clawing to get out, but he kept himself in check.

Being Yourself

Being Yourself

Two men walk in a bar seperatly. Both are quite good looking, infact they look more or less alike. The reason, they are twins. The bar is filled with gorgeous women all around. Fifteen minutes later one of the brothers walks out with a gorgeous brunette while the other simply sits there drinking beer. Why? The keyword is personality. Let us take a closer look at both the brothers. For the sake of simplicity we will call them Cane and Abel.
Cane is a reader and thinker. He hardly takes time to dress himself for to him the inner beauty is more important than appearances. Today Cane is dressed in a nice looking brown suit because his brother asked him to do so. However, he is not the least comfortable with it. The idea of tonight was to get babes. Cane tries and talk to the women, trying to seduce them. However he keeps getting rejected.
Able too is a free flowing chap who likes to joke and do little else. He has a smart black suit, his hair well done, all in all very stylishly dressed. More important is the fact that Abel is at ease with himself. He checks out the bar, sees a hot brunette standing with her friends, walks upto her, starts the small talk and in 10 minutes time they are a couple.

Let us take a look at why Abel succeeds where Cane fails. Cane was pretending to be someone else. He is not the kind of guy who finds seduction interesting. More of a one woman guy but at the behest of his brother he came to the bar. Though he is smartly dressed, he is not the least comfortable with it. Most of the women he talked to were his intellectual inferiors and his small talk made no headway. On the other hand, Cane was at complete ease with himself and in his right element. Small talk is what he does for a living! And this is the first lesson of personality development: being yourself.

successful personality developmentWhile there are dresses for each occassion, most people tend to forget that there are dresses for each personality too. And one must always dress comfortably. Please yourself before pleasing others. The basis of seduction is in knowing yourself. Look at your strong points and then delve on them. Convert them into seduction techniques. In this instance the ideal place to pick a woman for Cane was not a bar but a library. He should be looking at women who like to study and research instead of women who sit in bars. After all both sort of women are having a good time, it is just that their idea of good time is different. Again, Cane should have dressed in the grubby jeans and t-shirt he has on all the time because he is extremely comfortable in it. The small talk he initiated didn’t work because he didn’t target the right category of women.

Once again, the first part of a successful personality development is getting to know your base personality.